Saturday, March 20, 2010

Planting Gardens, Feb 2010

Magnolia Garden, including Green Giant, Bracken's Beauty,
 DD Blanchard, Little Gem (dwarf), and introducing
`Teddy Bear' Dwf Magnolia (dense conical down hill on left)
Topiary Garden features Hollies, including Nellie R. Steven's (dense conical shape),
Savannah (light green foliage), Eagleston (fewer berries with gray bark -
perfect for courtyard plantings), Dahoon Holly (native), Dixie Flame,
Acadiana Holly and the newest rave `Oakleaf Holly', small & dense with fancy oak-life leaf
Crape Myrtle planting, includes the National Arboretum's 1970's release of
`Indian varieties' - larger leaves, more disease and mildew resistent:
Natchez `White', Tuscarora, Tuskegee, Arapaho, Biloxi, Acoma and Sioux.
Also new Twilight, `Sarah's Favorite' White, and Weeping `Hopi'.

Come visit at our Crape Myrtle tour in July and `smell' the fragrances of Crape Myrtles!