Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Education Building, March 2011

Hiro and Japn Poodle plant at entrance
to New Education Building
Pop's Haiku (Japn poetry) featured
in New Education Bldg

1st Visitors to Education Bldg,
Feliciana Garden Club, 3/10/2011

Walter welcoming Guest and giving history
of Imahara's Botancial Garden and Pop's Haiku boards

Pop's Art work - 3 stages of Life:
Pine (Sho-Matsu) - early life up to age 25, happy & grow strong
Bamboo (Chiku-Take) - struggle years, up to age 65, hard work & grow family
Plum stage (Bai-Ume) - final years, retirement and enjoy hobbies

Facts of life (1980's)
`Everytime you burn,
the wind brings new falling leaves'

Message to his boys:  `Kin Shu, Kinen'
No Liquor, No Smoking (1980's)

Hiro, 'keeper of the gardens'
(and Walt's faithful companion)