Monday, August 10, 2009

The Garden's Beginning, March 2009

In 2003, Horticulturist Walter Imahara and his wife Sumi purchased a 55-acre tract of land along the backwash banks of the Mississippi River, located one mile from the historic town of St Francisville, Louisiana.  Walter had a dream to plant a beautiful garden much like the one he spent his childhood years in, the historic Afton Villa Garden's, and located just 5 miles away.  Azaleas and majestic Live Oaks, Magnolias and reflecting ponds became the images from which Walter would build his Legacy Garden, a gift from he and his wife to be enjoyed by all.   
Imahara's Botanical Garden, 2010, at just 9 months old planting

The new property was `wild and woolly' with thickets of briars, invasive parasol trees and deep ravines.  The first several years were spent selectively clearing the land and resculpting the terrain for better drainage and erosion control.   The garden's 30-acre native Cypress swamp serves as the natural reservoir for the development.

One man's dream and passion is the foundation for success.